How do you parent a child without physical custody?  

Mindful Custody Begins Here

MINDFUL CHILD CUSTODY relies on decades of experience and research to provide parents with the tools they need to navigate ANY child custody case. This includes:

Providing you with a personal parent advocate to review your case. A personalized support plan is then created based on your specific needs.

Provide you with a trusted network Parent Therapist and a Parental Rights Attorney in your jurisdiction.

Provide you access to an independent evaluation, and the necessary research to support your case in court.

Support you throughout the custody process with coaching direction and stability.

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About the Book

Providing a light at the end of the child custody tunnel, Mindful Child Custody celebrates the thousands of divorced parents who’ve found a pathway out of today’s family court quagmire, sharing their stories, anguish, and courage to empower others. A strong rebuke of the misguided practices employed in child custody determinations, this book illuminates the current scientific research indicating these erred judgments result in irreversible developmental damage to children and takes the position that, unless parental harm is forensically evidenced, a child should not be denied the all-important bond with either parent. At its core, this book speaks to freedom and questions the integrity of our justice system.


Author Herman Gill, Ph.D., has published original research in early childhood attachment and childhood development and has taught at numerous colleges and universities. His Parenting Skills & Competency Inventory has been used at evidentiary hearings and trials throughout the United States.