Mindful Child Custody

“Thinking Outside the Child Custody Box”

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Our organization consists of experts at the highest levels of training, education, experience, and competence in our nation. There is no child custody case with which we are unfamiliar based on our 30 years of experience. We are among the top 5% of companies involved in child custody cases in the United States.

Our typical child custody case involves circumstances in which the parental rights of a parent have been violated or improperly represented. We specialize in cases unlawfully requiring “supervised” visitation, scheduled custody less than (50/50) equity physical custody, and parental alienation. Our cases typically involve matters pertaining to false sexual abuse allegations, false memory syndrome, and child abduction.

Available Throughout the United States


Parent Evaluation

We provide Parent Evaluations to support your child custody case and evidence that it is in your child’s best interest to be in your care.


Forensic Consultation in Child Custody Cases

We provide forensic collaboration, including forensic documentary evidence in the area of child custody and parental rights in divorce.


Parent Advocate and Parental Alienation

We specialize in parental alienation cases, including false memory syndrome, false allegations of sexual abuse, and allegations of domestic violence.