At the Temporary Orders Hearing…

Brenda purchased two airline tickets to re-locate her 5-year old daughter (Chelsea) and herself from California (where she lived with her estranged husband) to Arizona. She had her husband (Robert) served with divorce papers, including a restraining order denying Robert contact with his daughter. Her false allegation in her request for child custody and court permission to re-locate with her daughter to Arizona included a false complaint of sexual abuse of her ex-husband, false charges of “stalking”, and other false reasons why Robert was a man who” could not be trusted with a child”.

Our Parenting Plan containing an Assessment and Evaluation revealed a normal dad who has been at his child’s birth, cared for her as a  stay-at-home dad, and was no threat whatsoever to anyone including his ex-spouse. Robert completed our Assessment and followed the recommendations in our Parent Coaching. Robert provided his attorney with his expert Evaluation, which was put into evidence for his next court hearing with his ex-spouse and her attorney, and her bags packed. Re-location was denied, Robert won equity parenting, and “overnights” until the actual trial. By the end of the year, due to the opportunity to document what a competent parent he really was, a 50/50 parenting plan was in place. Maternal patent was allowed to leave the state, only if “the child remained in the child’s pre-school and in the continuing care of paternal parent”. This would never have been the result without the ” credibility” and court equities” Robert submitted and the supportive evidence we are able to provide his attorney.

Winning Back Your Rights in Child Custody

Sheri was ambushed when her husband filed for custody. He won custody of her 8 years-old daughter on the grounds that Sheri was not a competent parent. Her ex-spouse was skillful in alienating her child against her, which caused Sheri serious depression. Sheri was incorrectly advised by her attorney to agree to a “mental examination” that wrongly concluded she was an incompetent mother. This was used against her, declaring she had a “personality disorder.” A year had passed before Sheri contacted us. With a new attorney, based on the results and recommendation of our “Parent Evaluation,” she regained scheduled physical custody of her daughter, overnights, and parental rights in her daughter’s school program. In 6 months following use of one of our Parent Evaluation and working with her attorney she had 50% physical custody in the best interest of her daughter.

Your Child Needs Your Protection

Sean was a recognized public figure who contact Dr. Gill when his 5 years-old daughter (Kathy) and 7 years old son (Luke) were taken from him by CPS and police. His son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum, was being over-medicated by his maternal parent, and irresponsibly hospitalized, needlessly, repeatedly by his mother in her attempt to control child custody. As a responsible parent, he was astonished that the police returned the child to the abusing parent. The maternal parent filed a motion for custody, no visitation, and permission to take Luke and his sister out-of-state to be near relatives and get “treatment” for her son. Our Assessment and Evaluation was used to determine his dad had an excellent relationship with Luke, had worked diligently with his son for many years in his home-school program, and had been consistent in his school support of his son. Our Evaluation and “School Support Plan” for his son required his dad’s continuing involvement in his son’s school program, in the best interest of the child. By the end of the year the results were dramatic. Luke had “advanced” two grade levels and his “Autism Symptoms” were disappearing. The court ordered an “equity” co-parenting plan and refused to allow maternal parent to take the children to live with her family out-of-state.

Allegations of Anger Management Problems

Scott sought services of Dr. Gill when his spouse was granted custody based on a Restraining Order his ex-spouse filed against him. He could not afford an attorney. Her attorney argued that Scott has a problem with anger and would harmful to their 6 years-old son (David). Scott filed a pro se motion for equity custody based on his Assessment and Evaluation and completion of a Certified Anger Management course. Scott won scheduled physical custody of his son, including scheduled overnights. Two year later, David and his father now have a great relationship. Scott called us to thank our team for making a life with his son possible, at a time when he was convinced he may never see his son again.