Parent Advocacy and Parental Alienation

What is Parental Advocacy and Parental Alienation?

We specialize in parental alienation cases, including false memory syndrome, false allegations of sexual abuse, and allegations of domestic violence.

Parent Advocate designates a professional who is trained and qualified to defend a child in a child custody case by protecting the parental rights of the parent. These rights include the rights to care and nurture their child and prevent the usurping of the rights of a parent as protected by the Constitution of the United States, particularly Amendments 1, 5, 9, and 14.

Parental alienation is a form of child abuse and must be treated as other forms of child abuse. Parental alienation, simply put, occurs when one parent turns a child against the other parent and his or her family. This behavior can have serious damaging effects on the development of a child. It is illegal. Parental alienation includes the systematic denigration of one parent by the other with the intent of disrupting what would otherwise be a loving parent-child bond and secure attachment to the other parent or extended family. Parental alienation causes cognitive-dissonance, a cognitive disorder which results in well documented maladaptive patterns of learning in children. Parental Alienation is associated with other forms of false-memory syndrome, identification with an aggressor (Stockholm Syndrome), and other forms of mind control.